“Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth."

A female American biochem student currently living in ABQ, New Mexico, after Georgia and two years in Seoul, Korea.

You can expect to see some information on chakra/energy healing, travelling, chemistry, sexuality, and biology. My theme is made by Stjn. If you would like to know more/to chat, feel free to ask me anything you'd like.

hygge (noun): one of the most difficult to translate words in the world

“Gather the family and invite over a couple of good friends. Push the sofas and chairs up close to the coffee table. Douse the electricity and light some candles. Better yet, light a fire in the hearth. Serve plenty of food and drink. Raise a toast or two, or three, and feel the warmth flow around the table. Look at each other until you see the candlelight shimmering in each other’s eyes. You’ve got hygge!”

This just about sums up what I crave every night when I can’t sleep and every autumn afternoon,… and whenever I think about Christmas, but my Christmases don’t seem to be like this anymore. An effort shall be made this season.

October 6, 2011
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