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A female American biochem student currently living in ABQ, New Mexico, after Georgia and two years in Seoul, Korea.

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Rose/Pink Quartz | Heart & Root

Got some rose quartz in the mail in a surprise package from my best friend this week. Rose quartz strongly promotes love in all aspects of life: self-love, romantic/sexual love, family love. Some people say the effects can be so strong in the romance department that you may need amethyst to calm things down (…obviously haven’t experienced that, as I’m sitting here alone eating cookies and watching Hocus Pocus). However, though it seems like it would be used exclusively for healing the heart chakra, I’ve found that rose quartz helps me balance my root chakra by alleviating some anxiety. It made me feel very calm, safe, and serene. Many people use it to help face and heal emotional and sexual trauma. It’s best worn over the heart, or placed by the bed. 

Second image credit. First image unknown.

October 31, 2013
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